Logs during the winter are essential items. A sudden drop in the temperature makes every homeowner dread some warmth within the house. Thus the demand for kiln-dried logs in Glasgow increases during the winter. Kiln-dried logs are moisture-free and can be easily lighted, especially during winter. What if you run out of dried log sources? Then, the winter can be the most dreadful time. Hence majority kiln dried log suppliers in Glasgow generally advise customers to keep the dried logs in store so that they can utilise the same and stay supplied with the sources during the chilly winter months.

Things to Keep in Mind During Winter Log Preparation

Calculate and Store Excess Logs

There’s no easy way that can help you calculate the number of logs you would need during the winter season. However, consider the frequency with which you light up your house’s fireplace. Also, if you need records for cooking purposes, you must make a rough estimation of the same and keep excess logs in your store for safety purposes.

Choose Hardwood and Dried Logs

Hardwood and kiln-dried woods are the best choices for fuel, especially during the winter. They can be lighted, and they burn for a long time. Hence using these types of wood will also help you save a lot of money on the consumption part. Moreover kiln dried wood does not generate smoke when burnt. Hence they are an ideal option for continuous fireplace burning during the winter.

Keep Logs in a Protected Place

Ensure that the logs you’re planning to store for the winter are in a dry and covered place. You can use a tarpaulin cover to cover the records from the top and leave the sides open for proper ventilation.

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