Kiln-dried logs in Lanark are a popular choice because they burn better and more efficiently for a long time. With these logs, you get a high amount of heat for a prolonged period with little or no mess. Hence if you have got a wood-burning stove or an open stove, Kiln dried woods are the best options. It is generally proved that the woods which have very less moisture content are the ones that burn more brightly. Using this variant of firewood is thus a good option since the moisture content is around 20% only.

If you’re an ardent fan of Kiln dried woods and have been using the same for a very prolonged period, you must know the process of storing the same. Buying the woods repeatedly can be a source of a hindrance. Hence, read on and learn more about the storage options.

How to store Kiln dried woods without Damaging them?

Store in a Garage

A garage or a barn is ideal for storing the woods safely. You’ll get natural shelter in the same and can effectively protect your wood from getting wet, damaged or eaten up by the insects. If you don’t have a garage or a barn, you might have to store the wood outside to avoid mess within the premises.

Cover from Snow and Rain

Make sure that you protect the wood from being exposed to any moisture. Protecting the wood from the snow and rain is the basic requirement you must fulfil. Since kiln woods have low moisture content, they shine bright; hence, you must protect the woods from getting wet. Manage to keep them under shelter all the time.

Use Separate Log Stores

If you have a shortage of space inside your house, you can use additional log stores to store the dried logs. This will help you keep the premises clean and protect the wood from getting damaged by any external element.

Store in an Airy Space

Ensure that enough air flows around the dried logs. Hence keep them in a standing position leaning across the walls. Make sure that you don’t leave them on a wet floor. Don’t stack them tightly above the wall as the same might prevent the airflow around the logs. 

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