When selecting the best firewood for the fireplace, homeowners always face a dilemma. People wonder whether hardwood or softwood is a better choice for the fireplace. For those who have already used it, hardwood is a better variety of wood that can be easily used for burning fireplaces and keeping the interiors warm. However, the priority of using the same also matters. How do you want to use it? Then be sure about the source where you’re going to use the same. The use of hardwood and softwood depends on whether you’re planning to use the wood for primary or supplemental heating sources.

No matter which type of wood you’re planning to use, make sure to approach professionals for hardwood logs in Renfrewshire. To know more, read on and understand the differences between both versions.

What are Hardwood and Softwood?

The trees with board and flat leaves are generally the ones that supply hardwood varieties. Some of the common forms of hardwood are available from maple, oak, cherry and walnut trees. On the contrary, softwood is extracted from the conifers and evergreen trees with sharp and needle-shaped branches. Generally, you’ll find softwood from cedar, pine, and fir trees. As the name suggests, hardwood is generally hard in texture, and softwoods are soft and not very sturdy.

Difference between Hardwood and Softwood 

It is undoubtedly a great option if you’re using hardwood for indoor fireplaces. When lighting wood stoves, saunas and fireplaces, the majority of the customers prefer using hardwood logs. The major reason is hardwood burns slowly and does not create smoke, unlike softwoods. Thus burning hardwoods is an economical option.

Similarly, if you’re planning on using the wood for a temporary fire setup, softwood is not a wrong choice either. Especially during campfires, softwoods are an easy option as they are light in weight and can be carried along easily. Softwoods can be easily kindled when you’re planning a fire outside in the open air. 

Softwoods acquired from Cedar or Pine trees can be lit up easily without much botheration and will glow till the end, even if a light breeze blows. On the contrary, hardwoods are not at all suitable for outdoor purposes. They can’t be kindled effectively and will not blaze under breezy weather conditions.

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