You may hear about kiln drying in terms of how it protects itself against seasoning. Today, in this blog, we will discuss the advantages of using logs created via kiln drying. If you notice the difference in quality, it is significant. Kiln dried logs in Lanark are way superior to seasoned woods. If you are still doubtful, scroll down and take a look at the benefits of using kiln dried logs.

The Pros of Kiln Dried Logs

It’s a safer option

It’s a common complaint that seasoned wood leaves soot and creosote. You must be aware of the fact that creosote is a sticky substance, which gets deposited from wood burning. When you light the fireplace again, the substance can catch fire, which can become deadly. Moreover, it is considered poisonous, especially for the ones with respiratory problems.

On the other hand, kiln-dried logs are a lot safer option, since they won’t produce that poisonous substance. Since it burns cleaner, it is a better investment.

It’s a more economical option

Usually, firewood is not too expensive, but using a lot for a short amount of time can be. Here, you can use kiln-dried wood to save money since it’s a more economical option. Only a few can keep your room warm for the whole night.

It smells good

Irrespective of whether you like camping, you cannot ignore the smell. The bad smell can stay with you for days even if you try to get rid of it. Usually, this smell comes from the burning of wood.

You can avoid all this by using kiln dried logs in Lanark since it smells great and doesn’t leave any smell on your clothes.

It can be stored easily

In general, firewood is stored under a shed because it might contain pests and bug eggs. So, it’s not a safe option to store in your house. On the other hand, kiln dried logs are perfectly safe. All you need is to ensure the logs are unaffected by moisture. 

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