Woods naturally tend to lose and gain moisture in the air. Sometimes, there is more than 60% of water when the logs are cut. Before the wood is burned for a few reasons, less than 20% of the moisture is dried. Wet wood is bad for your log burner and even worse for your health because it emits more smoke and particulate matter than drier wood. The wood must be kiln dried logs in Lanark while using the burning purpose.

Definition of kiln dried logs

Kiln drying is the process of drying logs in a chamber or kiln, where the temperature, airflow, and humidity are all managed. 

Benefits of using kiln drying firewood

Kiln-Dried wood has advantages, including consistent quality, lower emissions, cleaner burning, and reliable supply.

  • Quality consistency: The controlled kiln drying process maintains the log’s consistency. It does ensure that the moisture levels are continuously below 20%. It is far more difficult to estimate how long it will take to complete another batch of logs with a moisture content below 20%. The time needed to season firewood varies depending on its storage location. Main factor that  depends is the weather during that time. This may cause some seasoned logs to be sold before they have a moisture content of 20%, which makes for a poor burning experience.
  • Less emission: The amount of particle matter the wood emits decreases while drying. Compared to wet wood, the wood that’s been dried to below 20% moisture has been found to release more than half the level of particulate matter. The logs will dependably have a low moisture level when dried firewood. It will release less particles. It benefits both humans and log burners.
  • A good burning experience: Kiln-dried logs are generally easier to fire and burn hotter. They have a more constant moisture level than the seasoned log.

  • Availability: Usually, a seasoned log takes six months to two years to get fully seasoned. These logs are open and available only during the winter. They easily run out of stock before the winter gets over. On the other hand, the kiln drying generally takes a few days. As a result, more logs are dried. The logs can also be dried in the winter. This results in the easy availability of kiln-dried logs, which are more reliable.

Use kiln-dried logs because they are consistently simple to fire, burn hot and clean, emit minimal smoke or soot, and restock when you run out. For restocking or buying the best quality kiln-dried logs in Lanmark, remember to visit us at Kane Coal.