The demand for coal is always high as they are more affordable than burning oil or natural gas. Choose a reputable coal supplier in Glasgow, and you don’t have to worry that the product will release hazardous gas when burned. Even a small coal-burning stove in your room can transform its visual appeal drastically. It will become easier for you to choose the right supplier of coals and logs in your city if you enhance your knowledge about them.

Why Are Coal And Logs Used In Stoves?

Though stoves can burn various types of fuels like smokeless coal, peat, wood pellets and wood, the demand for coal is always high. The price of wood fuel is constantly changing. So, coal is a more preferred heating option. Whether you are using coal or logs in the stove, it is your responsibility to remove ashes from the grates regularly. The objective is to make the stove work with maximum efficiency.

2 Common Myths About Burning Coal Have Been Debunked Below

  • “You Can’t Burn Coal And Wood Logs Together.”

Though you can burn wood and coal together in a stove, stove installers might advise you not to because the wood has high moisture levels and coal contains sulphuric acid. The solution formed when both of them combined can stick to the interiors of the stove and damage the stove lining.

  • “You Should Always Use Smokeless Fuel Instead Of House Coal.”

You can burn coal in a stove with complete peace of mind if you choose a reputable supplier of coal and logs in Glasgow. You don’t have to worry that the stove system will get clogged because of the enormous amount of soot generated when coal is burned. For better peace of mind, you can even choose smokeless fuel as they are safer for the environment.

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