While sitting in front of the roaring fire while watching the Flames during a cold winter evening, many of us might not have thought about the type of dried logs used to light up the fireplace. However, not all types of woods are suitable for fireplaces as the excessive moisture content in a block of wood might make it difficult to light up the fire and create smoke within the room.

Kiln-dried wood logs are generally the most feasible for fireplaces as they are always read-to burn and protect your home against all types of ashes and smoke. The moisture content of these logs is also very low since they are dried under natural sunlight. You can also keep them on the net and move around places within your house. For buying kiln-dried logs in Glasgow, mini nets are one of the perfect options. Read on to know more about the benefits of using bags for kiln-dried logs.

Three Types of  Bags are Used for Kiln-dried Logs

Bulk bag

You can easily buy a bulk bag containing different types of mixed hardwoods and the kiln wood variety. The bulk bags are an excellent option for those using a lot of wood for their fireplaces. Bulk woods are available in reasonable quantity and hence are suitable for those who need a lot of wood for fireplaces.

Barrow bag

Barrow bags also look similar to the bulk bags but are thinner in texture. You can expect to get the logs packed in a set of four in barrow bags. Since they are lighter, they can be moved easily and shifted easily into smaller spaces. Thus, if you’re planning to carry the same along with you, especially for camping purposes, then opting for barrow bags is a great option.

Jumbo netted bag

This is a combination between netted bags and the normal ones. They are very big and can handle around three bulky bags. You can choose from a range of mixed hardwood, oak and other forms of firewoods as well. Kiln-dried logs are also present in the jumbo netted bags. They are majorly in demand among the industries where a bulk amount of firewood is required for different production and manufacturing facilities.

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