If you have a wood-burning stove, you might have found the logs crackling after being in the fire. This is a common phenomenon that can happen to all kinds of logs. Some firewood cracks more, while others do not; however, there should be no reason for disappointment in this issue.

Proper Moisture-Free Storage is the Key:

No matter where you buy the logs, they should be properly stored. Try buying the ones with lesser moisture content. These will produce less crackling sound and smoke, making your house heating experience worthwhile. When searching for hardwood logs in Lanarkshire, you will find a number of reputable sources in and around.

Important Information Regarding Cracking Hardwood Logs:

To get more information about the various reasons for cracking hardwood logs, you can read the following section of this blog.

Does All Wood Crackle?

While burning, most firewood will produce a crackling sound to some extent. However, if you find your logs to be producing more sound, you can rest assured that they have not been dried properly. To explain scientifically, the log goes through a process called combustion. The cellulose found in the internal cells of the log mixes with oxygen to produce heat. This is the primary reason behind the crackling sound.

The Case of Kiln Dried Logs:

Kiln-dried logs are firewood with one of the lowest moisture content. These logs are dried out in a kiln for a long period. The moisture level of such wood generally remains lower than 20%. This reduced moisture can significantly reduce the crackling and popping sound you hear while burning the wood. Proper seasoning can also reduce this noise.

Efficiency of Noise-Making Logs:

When your kiln-dried logs tend to make more sound while burning, there is a concern about their efficiency. The more noise it makes, the less efficiently it will operate. These woods will generate a lot of smoke, which can affect the primary requirement of heating your room.

These are a few concerns regarding the noise made by hardwood logs. To avoid them, you must buy low moisture content logs from a trustworthy source like Kane Coal. We supply top-quality hardwood logs to a wide range of customers across a wide service area. Our professional service has made us one of the leading names for sourcing hardwood logs in Renfrewshire. For more information about our business, you can visit our website today.