If you have a fireplace or a stove in your home, you need to utilise its usage with quality fuel. Shopping for fuel is a major task, where you have to decide between coal and logs. Though coal is highly beneficial in heating a room, a large number of users use logs as fuel to generate warmth in the room.

The Common Alternatives in Firewoods:

You will get two major choices when going to the market to purchase coals and logs in Lanarkshire. The most popular alternatives of firewood are kiln-dried logs and seasoned logs. Though both are good choices for fuel for your fireplace, they differ in many aspects. To confirm your choice between the two kinds of firewood, you must undertake a comparative study.

Differences Between Seasoned Logs and Kiln Dried Logs:

To give you an idea of the different features of the two kinds of logs, we provide a list of differences between the two firewood. This will help you make an informed decision while buying fuel for your fireplace.

  • Formation of Ash: Compared to kiln-dried logs, the seasoned logs produce more smoke and ash, causing more damage to the fireplace or stove. You may have to clean the chimney more frequently, increasing your maintenance costs. This is also a major reason for tar formation that can start a chimney fire. By choosing kiln-dried logs, you can avoid these hassles.
  • Drying Process: Both seasoned and kiln-dried logs are dried naturally for a certain amount of time. After keeping them for 6 to 12 months, the moisture content of both logs reduces to 25%. However, the process of drying is different for the two logs. For seasoned logs, the suppliers follow the air-drying process. A specialised kiln is used for kiln-dried logs, which dries them more efficiently than air drying.
  • Environmental Impact: When buying firewood, you must judge the moisture content. It causes incomplete combustion and harmful emission. It can impact the air quality of the room and may affect the health of your family members. You can make a better choice by choosing kiln-dried logs, which limit the release of harmful toxins during combustion.

These are a few differences between the two types of firewood that you must remember. To get them from a reliable supplier, contact Kane Coal. We are one of the most prominent suppliers of coals and logs in Lanarkshire. For more information, you can visit our website.