Buying and storing the coal and logs in advance to be used in the winters is a smart decision. During the winter seasons, the price of coal and logs is generally high since the demand is high. Everyone, irrespective of domestic or commercial use, tends to stock up on piles of coal and logs during winters. These two materials are the major source of fuel during winters. However, be smart and stock up the same before the winter arrives. Since the demand for coals and logs in Renfrewshire is less during the summers, you can easily get the same at an affordable rate from the dealers. Thus, if you’ve enough space available on your premises, it’s fair to stock up the same and be safe when the winter arrives.

Why is it a Good Decision to Purchase Coal and Logs in Summer?

Cheap Rates for Logs

Logs are generally cheaper during the summers. Since the demand is low, the logs can be purchased in bulk at a good rate. The coal and log dealers generally offer coals at a discounted rate during the summer because they want to alleviate their sales. If you purchase during the peak winter times, then for low moisture content, you might require to buy kiln dried logs at a high cost. On the contrary, during the summers buying normal logs is sufficient. You can dry them up with time.

Dry up Process

The drying up process during the summers is faster, more convenient and easier. Summer delivery ensures that the logs are delivered to you without any moisture damage. Moreover, the constant usage of logs and coals makes it difficult to get uninterrupted supply all the time. Rather, if you purchase the coals and logs and store them up for drying purposes under the sun, you can use them later on.

Lowering the Moisture Content

During the summers, you can dry up the logs and coal under sunlight. Using the dried logs will help you make the same burn for a long time. Logs with low moisture content get ignited quickly and can burn for a long period. Hence, it is reasonable to get the logs delivered initially.

No Urgency for Delivery

During summers, the use of logs and coals is very rare; hence the demand for the same is also low. There’s generally no hurry to get the same delivered. On the contrary, the logs and the coal resource might fall short during the winters, and you would be required to keep the same in hand to beat the winters effectively.

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