Wet wood has always been a popular source for burning and lighting stoves. If you want to eliminate the hassles of drying out the wet wood and using the same, then start using heat logs to light up stoves and fireplaces. However, before deciding to use heat logs, make sure that you check the same features and benefits. Heat logs are a great alternative to traditional firewood.

You can use the same while making open fire, lighting up multi-fuel stoves and ovens. Always make sure that you buy coals and logs in Lanarkshire from authentic suppliers. This will help you to get the best quality coals and heat logs.

Why are Heat Logs Beneficial?

Heat logs are generally made of small pieces of sawdust. Hence the heat logs are usually very dry and contain only 10% moisture. Hence, every log will be the same, guaranteeing a high quantity of heat output. Unlike the wet logs, these are the variants of dry logs where the output level for the heat is high, and hence the amount of energy thus produced is also high.

Heat Logs vs Firewood

Regarding affordability and energy generation, heat logs are more favourable than the other forms of commercial firewood. Especially if you’re planning on using the same for household purposes, the amount of energy you will receive from the heat log is very high compared to the amount of energy generated by the firewood variants.

Moreover, the wet woods need to be dried up to be used effectively. Why should you bother to pay for the wet wood when you’re already getting a better alternative to dry wood that produces more energy? Thus, many household users prefer using heat logs instead of wet wood.

The only downside behind using heat logs is that you will get the same in a bulk of 10 kgs or more. If you’re not a regular user, purchasing and storing such high quantities of heat logs can be troublesome and expensive.

Heat logs are always packed in waterproof packs, and hence they remain dry throughout the year. There’s also a high chance that the heat logs might expand when burnt. Hence you need to be careful and make sure that you place the same within a well-built fireplace.

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