Lighting hardwood logs in the fireplace during the freezing winters can create a cosy, warm and comfortable environment in the house. What if the wood logs do not light up instantly? What if it generates a lot of smoke and ash within the interiors? You must consider many things before opting to use the right type of wood for the fireplace. Moreover, it is necessary that you also pay proper attention to the storage process to ensure that your wood logs are not damaged. 

For the best quality hardwood logs in Lanarkshire, approach professional dealers. If you need more clarification about using hardwood logs, here are a few effective tips that can help you in the long run. 

How to effectively use hardwood logs for your house?

Use kiln-dried wood logs

When using hardwood or firewood, make sure you use kiln-dried wood logs. Kiln-dried wood logs generally have very low moisture content and burn longer. Hence when the wood logs are burning for a long time, your interiors will stay warm and comfortable. 

Do not leave the ash around 

Fireplaces are hot and do not cool down properly. So, if you’ve children and pets around, leaving the ash around the premises is not advisable. Ensure the ashes are removed when the complete wood has burnt out. 

Ensure fire logs get oxygen 

The wood logs that you use must have oxygen. Make sure that you keep the vents of the fireplace open. This ensures a continuous flow of oxygen into the logs and will help the logs to burn bright all the time. If the oxygen supply is cut off, there’s a high chance that the logs will burn off, and your fire will go out in no time. 

Store your wood logs safely

Ensure you store the firewood and hardwood logs in safe and dry stores. This means the fire will burn efficiently, and you don’t need too many logs to light a fire at your fireplace. The best place for storing firewood is a well-ventilated area outside the ground. Make sure that you don’t store the logs in damp areas.

Opt for ash wood logs 

If you plan on lighting up the fireplace regularly, opt for the ash logs. They are rich in density, and they will burn for a long time as well. You can keep the fire lit up for a long time.

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