A warm and cosy interior keeps your family fit in freezing months and reduces the chance of property damage caused by extreme cold, snow and moisture. Whenever you need hardwood logs in Renfrewshire for your fireplace, it is recommended to get them from a locally renowned supplier. Firewood logs can be a friendly alternative to coal. They come with multiple benefits.

However, it is important to know how you should store these logs in your home and keep them dry for the longest time possible.

Have a Log Store

If your time and budget permit, building a tailored log store in your home is ideal for keeping logs dry for the maximum time. That store should be located under direct sunlight. The place must be humid-free but receives enough airflow. This would be an ideal space to keep your firewood logs safely throughout the year.

Protect from Harsh Weather

Whether it is heavy rain, snowfall or anything that can cause damage to your logs, it is always better to use weatherproof logwood covers. This will ensure proper protection of the logs during harsh weather conditions.

Special Care for Dry Season

It is also necessary to understand that weatherproof logwood covers are suitable for winter and rainy months. For dry and hot summers to, give them plenty of ventilation. Otherwise, there will be damps in the logs.

Avoid Grass and Big Trees

Do not choose where to store your logs on grass or under a big tree. Kiln-dried logs act like a sponge and soak moisture from grass. On the other hand, big trees can be a source of raindrops. So, choose the location to keep the logs carefully.

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