Kiln drying is a process that is used to reduce the moisture content in the wood. Generally, for wet woods, there are more feasible options than burning. Kiln-dried wood is the best option in such a case. With the help of the kiln drying process, the moisture content is reduced to around 20%, making it dry and effective for creating a long-lasting fire. For good quality kiln-dried logs in Lanark, approach professional suppliers.

How Does the Kiln Drying Process Work?

The harvested timber is delimbed and taken to the sawmill. The trunks of the timber are then cut into sizes and separated according to the moisture content. Once the debarking and grouping process is completed, the logs are ready for the kiln drying process. The process takes around 4 to 6 days to complete, and later, the timber pieces are stored safely and supplied according to the market needs. Generally, two types of kiln, namely conventional and dehumidification, are used to kiln dry the woods effectively.

2 Types of the Kiln Drying Process

Conventional Kiln Drying

Here the timber pieces are put inside a thermally efficient chamber, and heat is applied with circulating fans to remove the moisture. However, this is very slow and needs to project effective results.

Dehumidification Kiln Drying

In this process, the air around the kiln-dried wood is heated to a temperature of around 29 degrees centigrade, and the warm air is fed to the timber pieces. Later when the same cool down, the moisture is withdrawn from the timber.

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