Smokeless coal is one of the modified household fuels that are used by a number of UK homeowners. As the name suggests, this coal is known to produce a lesser amount of smoke. A fuel like this can play an important role in controlling the property’s temperature.

Coal Users Have Queries

When someone opts for fuel like smokeless coal for the first time, they have a lot of queries. From smoke control to pollution level checks, there are a few things they need to keep in mind. Switching from the traditional log-based fuel to smokeless coal can be a considerable shift for these users.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smokeless Coal

The coal users and logs in Lanarkshire have any queries regarding using smokeless coals. Some popular ones are discussed in detail here.

Should I Bother About Cleaning the Chimney?

It is a concurrent query of the users of smokeless coal. Indeed, these coals produce lesser smoke, but that doesn’t mean the user would do away with their regular chimney cleaning routine. The pipeline of the chimney may get affected with black soot, the accumulation of which can be detrimental to the passage of smoke and heat.

Can I Use Smokeless Coal in A Smoke Controlled Zone?

A smoke-controlled zone may be defined as a legally bounded area where an individual can use certain types of fuels. The administration sets up these boundaries in an attempt to check pollution. People living in a similar area are permitted only to use smokeless coal or anthracites in an open fire or stoves. The user should ensure that the coal has low moisture content.

What to Check While Buying Smokeless Coal?

Users should look for a few things while buying smokeless coal for fuel. The main factors are heat output, duration of fire and ash content. If these three factors are balanced, one can be assured of using coal.

Do I Have to Worry About Soot Formation?

Smokeless coals release less smoke (about 80%) than traditional solid fuels. But these will still produce soot. However, one should not worry about the soot as these can be easily cleaned. The soot formation doesn’t even hamper the effectiveness of the heating appliance.

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