Since the cost of electricity is rising and winter is getting closer, more people are taking into account the advantages of a genuine fire. Nevertheless, irrespective of whether you have a fireplace of your own, you’ll have to purchase a few logs if you don’t have a consistent supply in your backyard.

Hardwood or softwood will be the two main options for your fire. But hardwood logs in Lanarkshire hold some good qualities that make it a top preference for fire.

Where do the hardwood and softwood originate from?

Hardwood logs are produced by strong, slowly growing trees like oak, birch, and ash that provide a range of robust and thick firewood and shed their leaves throughout the harsh winters.

Softwood logs, on the other hand, originate from evergreen trees like larch, spruce, and Douglas fir that tend to develop more quickly. They are usually coniferous trees with needles that provide lighter-weight firewood options.

Hardwood burns for a longer duration of time compared with softwood, and the remaining embers continue to produce heat for a considerably longer duration of time. Hardwood logs will produce less smoke and sparks during a fire than softwood, which is crucial for your overall security and well-being.

Comparison between Hardwood and Softwood.

Hardwood is the best kind of firewood to use for interior fires, wood stoves, saunas, or fireplaces. Compared to softwood, it contains less moisture. Due to the wood’s density, it burns more slowly and thoroughly. Additionally, it is more cost-effective because you will need less of it if you plan to burn it frequently.

You will pay more for hardwood upfront than for softwood in terms of cost. Two factors take into account this. First, a hardwood tree requires more time to develop compared to a softwood tree. A sugar maple sapling, for instance, takes 30 years to mature, whereas a pine sapling just needs eight.

Another factor is that while softwood requires almost twice as much quantity as hardwood, they produce equal heat pound for pound. This is because softwood burns more quickly due to its lower density.

Burning hardwood has the disadvantage that it takes two times as long to dry out properly despite having lower amounts of liquid moisture. Kiln-dried wood is frequently used as a result. Even though you are not required to devote the time and energy to cutting, organizing, and waiting before using it, burning hardwood has several advantages.

In conclusion, using hardwood as firewood is more cost-effective and efficient, but you should also have enough softwood on reserve for kindling and campfires.

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